noun ghost·ing \ˈgōs-tiŋ\

To have residue from previous session's flavors on your hookah. To be able to taste the ghosted flavor long into your new bowl. It has been a problem in hookah smoking for ages. We deal with it by using only top-notch materials that promise not to hold flavor, but just conduct clouds.
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Steel triangular stand

We use quality steel and dustpaint it to prevent rusting. The triangular shape of the classic AlienShapes design provides the stability of the triangle and allows tablespace reuse. You can place items below and round the stand without crippling its stability.

Sillicon hoses with stainless steel tips

Yes, you can beat flavor ghosting with AlienShapes hookah hoses. Made of harmless silicone, which resists odour and is used in the food industry, they are easily washable and will not rust. Because of their stainless steel tips AlienShapes hoses have ultimate durability and feel cool to the touch.

LED illumination module

AlienShapes loves social gatherings. The glass hookahs are equipped with LED illumination module so AlienShapes glass base shines in vivid colors. Wow your friends with no flavor ghosting, change bowls to anyone's please and keep the colour party going.

Hand-crafted quality glass base

The hookah base is one of the most dominant parts in the way a hookah looks. Produced of a special handcrafted hard glass AlienShapes bases are stable to temperature changes and delight the eye with distinctive design. Our glass hookah bases are easily washable and prevent any chances of flavor ghosting by not using porous glass.

Stainless steel shaft with 6-way diffuser

AlienShapes stainless steel shaft provides maximum protection against corrosion. The 6-way diffuser is optimally designed to give you the premium hookah experience. The stainless steel allows the AlienShapes shaft to be cleaned and thus wash away all the residue left after smoking. No tarnish, no rust, no ghosting.

Glazed funnel shisha bowl

Ceramic phunnel bowl for your perfect AlienShapes session. Hookah tobacco is hardly burnt and clouds are through the roof tith this bowl. Our bowls are great for squeezing more flavor from your premium shisha because of the funnel design. They fit the Kaloud Lotus perfect. AlienShapes hookahs are also compatible with any other bowl on the market like Samsaris, Harmony or even your old Egis.

The most advanced glass hookah on the market

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