Heya, hookah fans.

What we made last few weeks is a custom party hookah for a huge club in Sofia, Bulgaria which wanted a special piece to put on their biggest booth.

It hosts 3 bases with 3 bowls and a maximum of 2 hoses each. So that makes for a total of 3 flavors and 6 hoses being smoked simultaneously.

That’s a product shot and we put colored liquids in the bases so it’s clearer what this is.

party hookah


The next thing we produced is a custom stand for one of our customers. We like to do special designs for good friends and people really into hookah.

This particular guy wanted a back to basics stand to put in their car dealership with as strange shape as possible. It stands very stable and almost impossible to tip over.

custom hookah

We’re linking this post on reddit in reply to a thread about a modern and big party hookah posted by wmeiklej that can be found here .


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