alienshapesinSun is shining, the weather is sweet, makes you want to… get the biggest shisha clouds. AlienShapes glass hookahs like to play outside during the summer. Portable and stable at the same time, they would love to bring you the complete relax when the weather is hot. Here are some reasons why AlienShapes open air hookahs sessions are so glamorous.

  1. Now you can forget about smoking indoors. No lingering smell at your place, no annoying mumblings of deluded non-shisha smokers.
  2. You can experiment with mixing different tastes. It’s the perfect time to load up some fresh summer flavors and to try out various mixtures.
  3. More hookah lounges to crawl! Sometimes smoking shisha is prohibited indoor in lounges, bars and restaurants. During the summer you can enjoy your favourite AlienShapes’ hookah outside without catching cold.
  4. Invite even more friends during the long hookah sessions. There’s just something about the late summer nights hanging out and smoking shisha with your friends. With our Monster more folks can experience thick clouds and smoke simultaneously during the pleasant summer evenings.
  5. Enjoy a hookah session watching beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Apart from the noisy parties you can always relax and watch the splendid landscape through your thick AlienShapes’ clouds

Take your summer time – don’t hesitate and plunge into the warm happiness that will never end when smoking AlienShapes’ Hookahs.

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