Your glass hookah revolution starts here. Choose your shisha flavor and get ready for the premium hookah experience…

AlienShapes is in its core the next step in hookah smoking. It doesn’t overturn the tradition, but instead builds on it. AlienShapes shisha pipes and hookah accessories are made to navigate you through the thick clouds of hookah tobacco and pure delight. Our glass hookah is perfect for loud parties and moments of relaxation. Because of its finest quality and original design AlienShpaes is the top choice for hookah lounges and experienced hookah smokers.

How does AlienShapes bring you premium hookah shisha experience? Take a look at our hookah store and find out the secrets of hookah, hookah accessories and hookah parts that make smoking hookah so glamorous.

AlienShapes glass hookahs help you discover the unique taste sensation of
various shisha flavors. So if you are curious about it, you are ready to try
it. Enjoy your favorite shisha tobacco and amaze yourself with elegant shapes and new hookah shisha experiences with AlienShapes. The best hookah brand on the market.

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