The premium hookah experience comes in the following AlienShapes…

Black Galaxy

You don’t need a guide to the Galaxy with the black AlienShapes Hookah.The Black Galaxy Hitchhiker is a proud carrier of the original AlienShapes design. His elegant black style is highly noted among gentlemen and provides the perfect blend of harmony and good taste.Height: 65 cm       Weight: ~3 kg


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Pink Cloud

Pink it’s my new obsession, Pink on the lips of your lover, ’cause, Pink Cloud is the love you discover. Board on the pink cloud to see things from delicate, cheerful perspective and to be noticed by everybody. Pink cloud delicate curves follow your favorite obsession.

Height: 65 cm      Weight:  ~3 kg


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The White Passion

img-04 Pure and ambitious, AlienShapes’ white passion will show you where the paradise is.White passion main purpose is to gather travelers and noisy companies and to show them countries they have never been before. Just Hook It Up, Light it Up, Inhale, Exhale…

Height: 65 cm     Weight: ~3 kg


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The Golden Circle

Keep calm and smoke like a queen. We have some good news for hookah lovers. AlienShapes have been transformed into a gorgeous model called “The Golden Circle”. For VIP only.

Height: 60 cm        Weight: 5-12kg


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The Extraterrestrial Peace

Join our colorful and peaceful cloud. The Unlimited passion FOr Hookah had led to this new development. AlienShapes have investigated the connection between the premium hookah experience and the crazy willingness to invent new spaces. And here it is – our last model – The Extraterrestrial Peace.

Height: 60cm        Weight: 3-4.5kg


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