DSC_0055Technology is at the heart of our hookah. To bring you the premium experience AlienShapes are made by special materials that are easy to use and maintain.

Alien Style Advantages…



The glass vases are produced of a special hand-made hard glass that is stable to temperature changes. We offer exquisitely hand-painted artistry in the vases that are designed up to your vision and taste. The vase stands come in three different models and all of them are covered with quality paint that protects the metal from corrosion processes.  All metal parts are made of safe stainless steel.  Hookah hoses are made of harmless silicone (used in the food industry) which resists odour. The special built-in diffuser on the stem makes sure that the clouds are evenly spread, puffy and intense, giving out maximum pleasure.

blackhoseThe AlienShapes production combines the latest hi-tech manufacturing technologies and traditional handicraft.

But most of all we use passion and inspiration to bring you the premium hookah experience.


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