Many of you(not that many tbh) have asked whether we really produce our hookahs instead of buying them from China.
And as a reply to /u/turnad0z we made some potato shots on how we prepare the hookahs for retail.

This is the long-waited proof along with a little explanation.

This is the iron cast that is used to pour the hot glass in and have the base’s basic shape. Once it’s cooled down, it’s tempered in an oven for several hours and thus extremely durable.

received_854503491259203received_854503464592539received_854503431259209 received_854503417925877

These are the steel stands, already painted from the shop and lightly packaged. This black wiggly piece on the second shot is actually a conceptual stand that is supposed to hold 3 different bases, illuminated in different colors. We were asked to produce it from a big disco we cater to who wanted a magnificent piece for their biggest booth.


That here is the clay funnel bowl model with a topper. It is being worked on by hand.


This is the ready-made base with none of the stainless steel parts attached to it. The valves and shaft holder are yet to be glued on.

received_854511477925071    received_854503481259204

And these are adapters for our hoses that make em fit to any other type or brand of hookah.



And that’s the finished product of course.


That’s all we got for today. Very soon we’re gonna show some customization options we “invented” in the process, including nameplates for a whole football team, that glow with their names on.

This evidence of course is by no means conclusive, but you can take our word for it, that we create the top quality product we sell all by ourselves.


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