AlienShapes Smoke Tricks Vol.2 *

* We DO NOT take responsibility for the results if you do not use the glamorous AlienShapes hookahs 🙂 AlienShapes experts have already shown you some hookah tricks – Lord of the Rings, French Inhale and The Tornado. Now it’s time to take your smoking experience to the next level – check out The Jellyfish […]

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5 Reasons to Love Summer… with AlienShapes Hookahs

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, makes you want to… get the biggest shisha clouds. AlienShapes glass hookahs like to play outside during the summer. Portable and stable at the same time, they would love to bring you the complete relax when the weather is hot. Here are some reasons why AlienShapes open air hookahs […]

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2 new additions to the AlienShapes family

Heya, hookah fans. What we made last few weeks is a custom party hookah for a huge club in Sofia, Bulgaria which wanted a special piece to put on their biggest booth. It hosts 3 bases with 3 bowls and a maximum of 2 hoses each. So that makes for a total of 3 flavors […]

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AlienShapes hookah backstage shots

Many of you(not that many tbh) have asked whether we really produce our hookahs instead of buying them from China. And as a reply to /u/turnad0z we made some potato shots on how we prepare the hookahs for retail. This is the long-waited proof along with a little explanation. This is the iron cast that is […]

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