Haze OMG vs Fantasia YM Wet Mango

We like mixing SB’s Grapefruit Mint with everything. Literally everything. Could you guess which mix turned better? Wet mango + Starbuzz grapefruit Mint   Or Haze OMG + Starbuzz Grapefruit Mint:   That girl kinda knows the answer  

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Smoke Tricks Vol.1

AlienShapes Hookahs Make Your Smoke Tricks Even Cooler!

Volume 1 (not only for Beginners): Lord of the Rings, French Inhale, The Tornado So you finally got the perfect AlienShapes glass hookah and you are so anxious to try some cool smoke tricks. Even though the mere fact that you own stylish and modern hookah like AlienShapes’ makes you outstanding you can still practice […]

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A tale of glass hookah ingenuity

So, we cater to a big club in Sofia, Bulgaria. And long story short, ran out of metal stands for our ordinary setups that we serve to customers.   As the night progressed, we were running out of patience for the customers to finish their bowls. I mean really, hours passed and nobody was giving […]

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The AlienShapes hookah etiquette guide

Some rules involved in properly setting up, smoking and managing a hookah session. Using proper etiquette can convey respect of other cultures, traditions, or religions. Smoking hookah has become a religion for shisha lovers. For centuries hookah smoking has been all about sharing the good times with good friends. Having the best hookah brand AlienShapes […]

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