How bad is hookah for your health?

Hookah vs. Cigarettes: which is better? Are you tired of reading about advices telling you what is good and bad for your health? About exciting “breakthrough” researches that tell you that lemons (for example) are bad for your health, but it is so reviving to eat popcorn as 1 cup of air-popped popcorn contains more antioxidants […]

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The Great Puffin

November, 2014 The Great Puffin’ On November 21 The Great Puffin’ took place in Bar & Dinner Marseille. All the guest have been welcomed on AlienShapes cloud flavoured with Nakhla Shisha. AlienShapes team have prepared special surprises and a lot of pleasant tastes like the new Nakhla Mix, Nakhla Ice and Sheherezade.   

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Let’s go one step further to the premium hookah experience

We have some advice for you regarding preparation of your hookah bowl. That will help you enjoy your AlienShapes even more. The good tobacco mixture and the proper heating management bring you a lot of taste and huge smoke clouds. For the best shisha mixture and taste you should have good tobacco, decent charcoals and enough aluminum foil or […]

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Exotic AlienShapes Trip for Hitachi & Harper’s Bazaar Party

November, 2014 AlienShapes hookahs have brought the spirit of Morocco to “Exotic journey” party, which took place at 27th of November in showroom “Hitachi”. Among the celebrities that have tried the premium hookah experience were known TV persons, business representatives and models. AlienShapes fit perfectly into the exclusive catering of the event that represented variety of […]

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