Hookah vs. Cigarettes: which is better?

Are you tired of reading about advices telling you what is good and bad for your health? About exciting “breakthrough” researches that tell you that lemons (for example) are bad for your health, but it is so reviving to eat popcorn as 1 cup of air-popped popcorn contains more antioxidants than any fruits or vegetables…

I am so sick of it all. Actually nowadays every single lifestyle website tries to catch your eye
publishing articles that are based on exposing widespread facts. One of the recent provocations is
the comparison between smoking cigarettes and smoking from a hookah. As a proud owner and a
fan of AlienShapes hookah I have examined some more information about water pipe smoking and its effects.

As I stressed nowadays it is very smart to brake myths and truths.
The main argument about the “dangerous” health effect of smoking shisha is denying that hookah
smoke is filtered through water. The conclusion – water does not filter out harmful ingredients. Yes,
it is true that the water simply acts as a cooling agent, not a filter. Smoking shisha through bubbling
water won’t filter out dangerous toxins. But, come on, no one these days thinks that smoking
anyhow can be healthy.

What about the non-filtered ingredients in hookah smoke?

There are marked differences between
the Hookah tobacco and cigarette tobacco matrices. Cigarette and cigar tobacco consists mostly of
dried tobacco with various additives incorporated during the manufacturing process turning the dry
tobacco into ready to use products.

Hookah tobacco is a wet matrix composed of tobacco and between 30% and 50% other material
such as molasses, flavorings, honey, glycerin, etc. So there is less tobacco per unit mass of hookah
matrix compared to other tobaccos and there are a variety of other components contributing the
wetness of the hookah matrix that are not found in other tobaccos.

The results of many studies show that leaf tobacco is the major component contributing toxic
elements in the hookah sample, rather than the colorant, molasses, flavoring components, glycerin,
etc. Since the hookah matrix is comprised of up to 50% these other components, lower ranges of
metal toxins were found than cigarettes are reported to contain.


Even though I can admit that smoking hookah is just as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes.
Nevertheless I cannot find statistics about hookah smoking causing death. In the same time tobacco
alone is the cause of 5.4 million deaths each year. A lack of researches on the topic or something

According to me comparison between cigarettes and hookah smoking cannot be done. Why?
Because it is like comparing a blind date and regularly dining with your boyfriend. It is not all about
how often you do one thing or the other. In the first situation you have something extraordinary,
something out of your everyday life. And, yes, the blind date is different from dinner with your
steady half. Both acquaintances can be harmful no matter how often they happen.
I am a moderate cigarette smoker. I love smoking hookah also. These are two completely different
things and I cannot compare them at all.

I rarely hear a story about a guy who wakes up in the morning, has a cup of coffee and smoke
hookah at the start of every work day. As a matter of fact I don’t know guys that are putting up a party
just to smoke cigarettes.

Hookah is all about sharing smoking and experience with your friends. Sometimes I smoke shisha
alone and feel just fine. Other times I smoke cigarettes during interesting conversation with friends.
The Best Things 


But for me smoking hookah is more special, it is like a ritual and cannot be compared with smoking anything else.
Let’s refer to the famous phrase “the best things in life either make you fat, drunk or pregnant” and let’s enjoy the hookah.
Shisha clouds are pleasurable and safe in that way – they cannot make you fat, drunk or even pregnant.


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