Some rules involved in properly setting up, smoking and managing a hookah session.

Using proper etiquette can convey respect of other cultures, traditions, or religions. Smoking hookah
has become a religion for shisha lovers. For centuries hookah smoking has been all about sharing the
good times with good friends. Having the best hookah brand AlienShapes means that you should
treat your glass hookah with respect and of course that you should share the premium experience.
Learn more about hookah etiquette and share some proper hookah smoking style.

Keeping attention


Hookah is in comparison to other smoking a very social activity. Gather with your friends and pay attention to them. Listen and talk concentrated, while avoiding to check your cellphone all the time. Let Instagram and Facebook rest for a while. Even if out of topics to discuss, you can always plan your next great premium hookah experience together. As a last resort, it is allowed to post a pic to Show&Tell on reddit’s r/hookah.

The Position


A hookah is traditionally placed below the height of the smokers involved. This is done for two reasons – ease of attendance and safety. Further more, be aware that putting a hookah on the pedestal is considered offensive in some countries.
AlienShapes glass hookahs do not need that much maintenance, because of the phunnel bowl and the construction.
And with the enhanced stability of the AlienShapes stand though, you can place it just at about any height. Keep in mind this might be dangerous (the platform may not be stable). This however is not your rule of thumb, as AlienShapes is usually smoked in trendy and packed discos and bars and space just might not suffice for placing it on the ground.

The Rotation

Generally, the person who sets up the hookah gets to smoke first in the rotation followed by the
person that is in charge of coals. The rotation is always clockwise. Just wait for your turn and don’t
rush through the session. Commonly each participant should be given 2-3 minutes per turn.

Passing the hookah hose

Usually, when you smoke hookah with someone you must leave the hookah hose down so the other
person can pick it up himself. If you are asked to pass the hookah pipe directly be sure that the tip is
pointing at you, never point it at others. A tradition in some Arab countries directs that you twist the hose and pass it to the next smoker. This is not very convenient with our high quality silicon hoses. We recommend just pointing the tip the other way and wait for a tap on the hand to let go.
In some cultures is believed that the left hand is “unclean”. You should consider holding the AlienShapes hookah hose with your right hand.

Some other simple rules

Do not blow smoke into another person’s face.

Never light a cigarette using the hookah coals or smoke cigarettes simultaneously during the hookah session.
When talking, pass the hose to others who may want to smoke.
Do not blow into your hose in an attempt to push smoke up through your friend’s pipe during multi-
hose hookah session.
Always use a mouth tip. Don’t smoke with friends if you are sick.
When finished smoking, wrap the hose around your traditional hookah. It is the traditional way to
indicate that you are done. With AlienShapes, just place the hoses onto their resting places.

By ignoring these simple rules, you run the risk of insulting and offending your hosts or guests. And
remember – using proper etiquette is essential not only during your hookah smoking sessions. Having
good manners means you are a respectful person and considerate of others.


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